Members of the Stamp are assisted through a distance learning process to develop project contribution marks and advised on methods to use these in their day to day work. The Stamp team will produce and share frequent content and support material to assist in this learning process. Members will receive a certificate, that will help you keep track of your Stamp progress through the year. The price does NOT include design and production of stamps (but they're not expensive and we'll help you pick cool ones, promise).

R&D participation

Members of the Stamp get front row seats in the research and development of new processes and technology services that are designed to improve the way creative processes and interventions are recorded. We envisage being able to offer Stamp members access to a new breed of smart contract processes and services over time, subject to the definition of a technology research roadmap in early 2017. Stamp members will have access to that team.


The Stamp team will encourage collaboration between members and help Stamp60 members integrate their process into situations where real budgets exist, and we will actively market the Stamp to investors who are seeking to find better ways to fund cutting edge teams in new ways. We will provide core advice and inspiration to members on process design, and encourage a flow of community advice to develop. More advanced consulting and training is also available, for an additional fee.

The price does not include design and production of stamps (but they’re not expensive and we’ll help you pick cool ones, promise).