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In conversation - with Anna Emmelin, Garnanäs, Sweden. 26.11.16

Welcome to the Stamp Deep. Here Mark Charmer talks with Anna Emmelin, co-creator of the Stamp, about how it aligns with her work to develop more sustainable design processes and partnerships in a variety of international and Swedish projects. We'll be inserting the Stamp into these processes in the period December 2016 to February 2017.

Mark also talks about his experience and strategy with the Stamp, and how he came to see its power and possibilities.

Stamp Deeps are in-depth C90-cassette-length interviews. To pop on in the car, or in the kitchen, or perhaps when commuting to a tedious contract job in the City. You can stream or download them. These are raw material that we distil into content chunks in the short term. In this case, we're also writing a chapter of a Swedish book we've been asked to contribute to. We hope you find this interesting.