Stamp60 early editions
Sh-stle -

Sh-stle is a stamp that helps people sell things.

It all started when...

Mark Charmer realised that the Stamp was never going to get moving unless he learned how to sell, all over again.
So he did it his way, his style.


What are the design principles?


- Sales happen when you have something to sell, that you encourage people to buy.

- Sales promotion should be done in intense cycles, not on an endless basis.

- Type a daily sales report each morning. From scratch.

- Get out and hustle. Enjoy it.

- Frame sales periods cleanly, but have backdoors and a next sale.

- Selling is about getting things sold – so agreeing deals, and getting paid.

- Mass techniques, like email promo, separate you from real customers. Use them with care.

- Manage sales in relatively small chunks that are easy to hold in your head, and you can summarise on one piece of paper.

- Work at your sales funnel every day.

- Focus on simple, fast online payment systems.

- Devise memorable pricing and make what you get clear.


Why do we need these design principles?


- Sales happen when you inject sales gusto – Sh-stle delivers that.

- A lot of people are good at conceiving or making products but not good at selling them.

- There are so many competing methods, tools and channels you can sell through that it's often very hard to decide on an approach. Sh-stle cuts through that.

- Databases aren't your sales process – they're there to support your sales process.

- Lots of people make sales complex or very technology-driven. We think that a largely manual process with a solid layer of technology and good communication, is the best approach.


Who is working with this stamp right now?

Sh-stle's design principles were applied in the first Stamp60 member sale, which ran from 7-17.11.16. They will also be applied in the second Stamp60 sale planned for 1-10.1.2017.

The Sh-stle stamp is helping Stamp60 member Karin Pekelharing (Amsterdam) sell her beautiful handmade bags.

Sh-stle hopes to stamp the partnership outreach for the 2017 Stockholm sustainability festival during December and January.

What's it like working with this stamp?

 You get a real sense of simplicity, energy, focus and dynamic with this stamp.



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