2017 research and design residencies



Through 2017 and beyond, the Stamp project is undertaking a series of research and design steps to build a cohesive sense and articulation of the problems that exist in its chosen focus area, that can be addressed through the development of a new organisation, and set of products.

The group will apply unique insight into the emerging culture of overlap between social protocols, devices, machine learning, software and systems development, media adoption and contract formation, on a global basis. 

Our vision is simple yet breath-taking in its resonance – that we simply don't have systems to account today for creative steps. Creative accounting is a derisory term for fraud, not the key to a new and prosperous era for artists at every level. Until we understand how to account for creative work, we can't finance the 21st century.

The project asks can we design systems to account for creative breakthroughs and interventions in completely new ways, during the 2017-2020 period? How do we break out of the lock that the technology industry and its culture of data gathering and machine learning has on expression, organisation, design and management? How do we redefine a relationship between the individual and organisations through a new layer of social protocols and design identities that can form the basis of a progressive era of contract definition and fulfilment? How can these systems drive radical inclusion and create conditions for emergence that go far beyond what we can determine or project?

The goal from the beginning is to create a decentralised organisation – not an extractive one based on patterns that have been propagated by Silicon Valley's startup culture over the past decade. This is why we are building our research and design process in the open, as a global process, with a network of members and backers.