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Welcome to the first launch stage of the Stamp, which began with the first Stamp60 sale that opened on 7.11.2016 and closes on 17.11.16. Financial investments into the Stamp will be managed for the time being by the Movement Design Bureau, a London based company established in 2005. Incubating this process, it is led by Mark Charmer, who is managing the initial phase including signing up paying members (so we have income from month one, imagine that), establishing an amazing workforce, and raising complementary investment support.

The Stamp is to be incorporated in early 2017 as a multi-stakeholder cooperative. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be expanding our dialogue and storytelling and introducing members, workers and financial investors in the Stamp. We think it's going to be amazing. We hope you do too. But meanwhile, feel free to contact us below, or via the details above.


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