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Ekoxe -

We have a heart, and technology. Now maybe it’s a question of putting them in the right place.

It all started when...

Mark Charmer and Anna Emmelin decided to do a proper collaboration, that would have real outcomes.


What are the design principles?


- Open doors for transformation.

- Modularity and organic growth.

- Feel the heat.

- Dare to unleash.

- Include yourself, others and nature.

- Cosmopolitan learning.

- Move on.

- Work with where you are.

- Invite to dance.

- Art / science / wonder.

- The secret gift.

- Beautiful documents.

- Clarity of writing comes from clarity of thought.

- Credit where credit is due.

- New flows of resource.

- Create possibilities for inclusion, and conditions for emergence.


Why do we need these design principles?




Who is working with this stamp right now?


What's it like working with this stamp?




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