Stamp60 early editions:

We’re happy to do bars, as part of our staging.
But we don’t do bars where people need to pay.

It all started when...

Mark Charmer and Robert Lowe worked together at Monkigras2017 (behind the bar).


What are the design principles? 

As part of any staging, we're happy to do bars. But we don't do bars where people need to pay.

We try very hard to listen well. And we use memory tricks and rituals, to improve individual and group learning.


We also aim to align with the design principles of The Stockholm Act, and indeed the UN sustainable development goals. The Stockholm Act brings together people from art, science, politics and business for a week-long festival that explores the steps we can take to build a sustainable world. Crew member Mark Charmer is part of the core production team of the Act, and has been involved in defining and disseminating its design principles.

Why do we need these design principles?

You'd want to work with a stage crew where everyone tries hard to listen, right?

Who is working with this stamp right now?

Continental Operations is the first Stamp60 stage crew for The Stockholm Act.

What's it like working with this stamp?

Enlightening and encouraging.


Robert Lowe (London) +44 (0)7939 664598
Mark Charmer (London) + 44 (0)7976 960739



Back this crew with £60 or £600 stage stamps, before 15 June 2017.