You are invited to join the #ASS Staging Development Day.


Tuesday 16 May 2017

Oude Waal 32
1011CC Amsterdam

8.30am    *    12.30pm   *    6.00pm


The Stamp enables new ways for people involved in the creation of things that are staged, to work together. Join us at a beautiful canal house in the centre of Amsterdam to learn more about the logic, some of the initial approaches we're testing out and participate in the creation of real art shows, based on live use cases. By the end, we think you'll be hooked.

You are welcome to join all or any of three parts of the day.

1. Breakfast meeting starts 8.30am.

2. Lunch meeting at 12.30pm.

3. Supper meeting at 6.00pm.

Please arrive promptly for each meeting start, as we may transfer people to a boat or other venue.

The event ends 8pm. Catering and refreshments will be provided. Stamp60 members attend at no charge. Other guests are asked to consider purchasing a Stamp60 membership, if they find the day helps their development.

Further information will become available at:

RSVP your attendance to:

+44 (0)7976 960739

The day is managed by the #ASS stamp, in partnership with the Stockholm Coordination Initiative.