Stamp60 global tour dates 2017


Confirmed dates

10-17 May --- Amsterdam  (inc #ASS Staging Development Day)

28 May to 4 June --- Blekinge, Sweden (Writers' Week)

26 June --- Ibiza  (My parents come from Speke)

1 to 5 July --- Barcelona and Sitges

10 to 30 July --- Blekinge, Sweden

21-27 August --- The Stockholm Act

21-23 September --- Liverpool Psychfest


We're pleased to release our confirmed Stamp60 tour dates for the summer of 2017.

Any travel, tickets and accommodation can be arranged with the #ASS stamp office on +44 (0)7976 960739, for you to join us at any of these places. Stamp60 members attend at no charge. Other guests are asked to consider purchasing a Stamp60 membership, if they find the day helps their development. Contact Mark on the same number as above, for further information on any of these dates. (1.5.17*)