The Stamp is a new club that helps people account for creative work.


Introducing the Cultural Concept Album.
Welcome to The Morning Sofa at The Stockholm Act – Series 1, episodes 1-4.


The Stamp is on the face of it really simple. But it has strong design principles beneath.


Stamps are about collaboration and values. Are you an artist or craftsperson, or academic, applying your talents in a project or process?  Or maybe a storyteller, who helps people describe or understand something through words, images and more? Or a project leader building  teams that want to know how their contributions are acknowledged, and their values understood? 

You use the Stamp to create small guilds of people who work together, underpinned by clear design principles and a ledger of what happened. Stamps make it okay, and easier, to create new micro-organisations either within existing groups or outside them.

We're building a system designed for the future, that will unleash a new era of distributed database systems called blockchain, and with a lightness of technology and a focus on human interaction that will be in tune with the times to come. You're going to love it.


You can join the Stamp60 for £60 per year. Become a member, just in time for 2018.


Welcome to the Stamp60 manual.

And be at ease.


Bought the membership? Read the manual? Then let's get cracking. 
Usually hosted via Skype or similar, a Stamp60 minutes call will help you step forward and start Stamping. Bring it on.

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Stamp60 global tour dates 2017


Confirmed dates

10-17 May --- Amsterdam  (inc #ASS Staging Development Day)

28 May to 4 June --- Blekinge, Sweden (Writers' Week)

26 June --- Ibiza  (My parents come from Speke)

1 to 5 July --- Barcelona and Sitges

10 to 30 July --- Blekinge, Sweden

21-27 August --- The Stockholm Act

21-23 September --- Liverpool Psychfest


We're pleased to release our confirmed Stamp60 tour dates for the summer of 2017.

Any travel, tickets and accommodation can be arranged with the #ASS stamp office on +44 (0)7976 960739, for you to join us at any of these places. Stamp60 members attend at no charge. Other guests are asked to consider purchasing a Stamp60 membership, if they find the day helps their development. Contact Mark on the same number as above, for further information on any of these dates. (1.5.17*)


Mark Charmer

Walk with me...

No venture of this depth comes out of nothing, and truly simple things come out of embracing and understanding complexity. This project, which I hope on the surface can be something of beautiful, playful, simplicity, represents the culmination to date of various strands of my work, experience and outlook and the contributions and perspectives of those who have influenced me from all across the world over a substantial period of time.

I'll write more in the months to come about how the Stamp builds on my understanding of what's needed next, but for now the best place to read more about me is at or on my personal blog at

Quite soon, the Stamp will be full of other characters who you'll enjoy discovering, and I look forward to that too.

Mark Charmer, London, England. November 2016.

The new Stamp60.2 crowdsale runs from 22 May - 22 June 2017.
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