The Stamp is a club that helps people account for creative work.


Introducing ICONIC - writing, editing and interview stamps, from the Movement Design Bureau.

Summer 2018 products:  Interview stamp €200. Writing and editing stamp €600


Where art and science meet, well that's the place for wonder.
Welcome to The Morning Sofa at The Stockholm Act – Series 1, episodes 1-4.


The Stamp is on the face of it really simple. But it has strong design principles beneath.


Stamps are about collaboration and values. Are you an artist or craftsperson, or academic, applying your talents in a project or process?  Or maybe a storyteller, who helps people describe or understand something through words, images and more? Or a project leader building  teams that want to know how their contributions are acknowledged, and their values understood? 

You use the Stamp to create small guilds of people who work together, underpinned by clear design principles and a ledger of what happened. Stamps make it okay, and easier, to create new micro-organisations either within existing groups or outside them.

We're building a system designed for the future, that will unleash a new era of distributed database systems called blockchain, and with a lightness of technology and a focus on human interaction that will be in tune with the times to come. You're going to love it.


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The Movement Design Bureau is a project design house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We provide professional account and contract management services,
to enable partners to achieve tangible outcomes around sustainable development goals.

Global challenges and dynamics are creating a great turbulence in the world, but collective human capacity is more than capable of understanding what we need to do next. But there is an urgent need to manage talented people, in much better ways – ways that achieve tangible project outcomes that represent steps toward these goals.

The company has a unique set of project design and concept development methodologies that help projects fall into place naturally, with clear accounting regarding contributions and work done.

We use technology where it is appropriate, but our emphasis is on human interaction and the emergence of new dynamics. The most important priority is to develop collective human intelligence in manageable working teams.